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Automate your work with AI

1. Take a photo

Take a photo or scan the assessment, and we will do the reading.

2. Correctness Grading

We will handle all objective elements such as spelling, grammar, and factual accuracy.

3. Feedback & Improvements

Detailed feedback, comments, and suggestions for improvements.

4. Grade and Analysis

Get a suggested grade, and a through error analysis to identify common mistakes.

Save your time marking essays

Special Features

Advance Handwriting Recognition

We can recognize handwritten text with remarkable accuracy, up to 95% in converting handwritten content into digital format. Including cursive writing, and interpreting added annotations like arrows pointing to inserted words.

handwriting recognition
flexible rubrics
Flexible Grading Rubrics

Adaptability is the key to our grading system. While a general rubric is available for different levels and common syllabi such as IELTS, teachers can also upload customized rubrics.

Customized Feedback

We allow you to customize the type, depth, and tone of feedback, aligning it closely with the teacher's style and instruction goals.

customizable feedback
model essay generation
Model Essay and Comparison Analysis

Based on the student's essay, we will generate a model essay demonstrating how an ideal essay with the same content and topic could be structured based on the rubric set. Then, we will contrast and highlight areas of improvement and provide detailed explanations and justifications for the suggested enhancements.

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