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We are...

A group of graduate and postgraduate students from Hong Kong.

We realized that most of the evidence-based cognitive learning techniques are not being utilized.


We harness the power of technology to embed these techniques into teaching with minimal effort and cost.

The origin of Interleaf

Interleaf is a mobile teaching and learning platform that utilizes an evidence-based effective learning technique - interleaving, to assign the best homework for each student. Interleaving is a technique that has been proven to be effective in real-life education settings*. Unlike the traditional approach where topics are handled one at a time, interleaving breaks that boundary and encourages the mixing of several topics at once to enhance learning. Interleaving trains our brains to differentiate between concepts, in turn improving our long-term retention and ability to transfer learned knowledge more effectively.

*Rohrer, D., Dedrick, R.F., & Stershic, S. (2014). Interleaved Practice Improves Mathematics Learning.

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