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Enhancing education through SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY.

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Our Team

Interleaf was founded in 2021 by a dynamic and diverse team of young people, our core members come from a range of backgrounds and universities such as the University of Cambridge, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The Origin of Interleaf

At Interleaf, our name encapsulates our mission. Rooted in two distinct yet interconnected meanings, it represents a unique blend of educational theory and natural wisdom, setting the foundation for an innovative, effective, and adaptive learning experience.

Firstly, our name draws upon the evidence-based learning technique known as interleaving*. Far from conventional teaching methods that handle topics sequentially, interleaving disrupts these boundaries, weaving together multiple subjects to enrich learning. It stimulates the mind to distinguish and correlate concepts, fostering improved knowledge retention and effective transfer of learning – a paradigm shift in real-world education settings.

Secondly, the word "leaf" within Interleaf taps into a universal metaphor of growth and adaptability. Much like leaves adjusting to the rhythm of changing seasons, our technology is designed to adapt and cater to each student's unique learning journey. Through this, we are committed to simplifying teaching and enhancing learning efficacy, fostering intellectual growth that's as natural and enduring as the leaf's cycle.

Together, these dimensions of our name shape the essence of Interleaf, anchoring our commitment to making teaching easier and learning not just more effective, but a joyous journey of exploration and discovery.

*Rohrer, D., Dedrick, R.F., & Stershic, S. (2014). Interleaved Practice Improves Mathematics Learning.

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