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Interleaf Learning Platform

The Interleaf Learning Platform is a Learning Management System (LMS) that combines AI technology with interleaving, an evidence-based cognitive learning theory to streamline and enhance education.

At the heart of the Interleaf Learning Platform lies our cutting-edge algorithm designed to optimize learning.

Backed by science and research, the Interleaf Algorithm is powered by our data and artificial intelligence.

It adapts, understands, and grows with each individual learner.

The Interleaf Algorithm

Unlike traditional "blocked" learning methods that limit students to study one topic at a time, interleaving seamlessly blends different topics and skills within a single study session.

The Interleaving Learning Method

It is proven to :

  • Enhance long-term retention

  • Improve cognitive connections between topics

  • Prepare students for real-world challenges

  • Be more adaptive at applying knowledge and skills in different context

  • so so much more...

Leveraging the power of AI and our data, we analyze individual mistakes, highlight insights and improvement areas. The algorithm would predict any future mistakes, then craft and arrange specific questions to target each student's unique weaknesses. 

AI Powered Error Analysis

Elevate learning with our streamlined homework system! Simply choose questions, assign tasks, and let the automatic grading do the work, delivering precise grades instantly.

Distribute, Mark, and Grade

We understand that you might already have your own set of questions, printed out, physically. Here, we will help you effortlessly digitize traditional exercises with a simple scan. Eliminate manual entry and step confidently into streamlined, digital learning.

Digitalize Your Current Exercise

Empower your organization and give your students the tool for success.

Interleaf Learning Platform
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