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  • What is your product, and what does it do?
    Our product is an AI-powered educational tool that generates customized practice exercises for various subjects. Currently, we focus on English, providing exercises for verb usage, prepositions, vocabulary, sentence transformation, reading comprehension, proofreading, and listening. Teachers can use these exercises in their classrooms, and we're also expanding to offer content for learning Chinese and Math.
  • Who can use your product?
    Our product is designed for a wide range of users. It's suitable for English learners, whether English is their second language or they are native speakers. Teachers can also use it to create educational materials.
  • How does the AI work in generating exercises?
    Our AI analyzes the specific learning needs of users and generates practice exercises tailored to their proficiency level and learning goals. It creates exercises quickly and can adapt to different difficulty levels.
  • What types of questions or exercises do you offer for English learners?
    We offer various question types, including verb-related exercises, prepositions, vocabulary fill-in-the-blanks, sentence transformation, reading comprehension passages, proofreading tasks, and listening exercises with audio files, scripts, and questions. We're also working on adding images to enhance the learning experience.
  • Can I print out the exercises for classroom use?
    Yes, teachers can easily print out the exercises to use as handouts or worksheets in their classrooms. It's a convenient way to integrate technology into traditional teaching methods.
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